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Calming Your Inner Critic

How often have you heard the phrase “she’s her own worse critic”. It is often said that no one judges themselves more harshly than they judge themselves. The voice that gives rise to this self doubt can be called “our inner critic”.

We all have one. It is a tiny voice in the back of our minds that plays off of our greatest anxieties, giving its dialogue an addictive quality. Sometimes the voice is neither tiny or soft. Replaying the criticism of a parent, teacher, friend or even a stranger, we can allow the inner voice to overwhelm our lives. It can be a relentless harangue that reminds us that we are too old, too young, too short, too tall, constantly pointing out that we are somehow less than we should be. A friend or stranger may make an offhand remark that we take so deeply into our bodies and minds that it become part of our identities.

If the inner critic gets too loud and makes it hard to move forward in our lives, you need to look for coping mechanisms to quiet it. There are meditation techniques that can help. Music can fill you and distract the voice. Sometimes exercise can be helpful.

In Biofield Tuning, we find the story of the Inner Critic off the right side of the Sacral Chakra. Every time we feel guilty or ashamed, every time we feel not good enough, this is where the wave form of these feelings seems to be stored. A lot of times this rogue voice isn’t ours. It may be a parent or an older sibling and we may have internalized this energy.

We begin combing through the energy field 5 or 6 feet off the body. The outer edge is where we find ancestral programming, gestation and birth. In a bit further, we may find the programming of our childhood. What is really cool about our body is that when it hears its own noise it will spontaneously auto-tune – it will correct itself – it will take the noise out of the signal

Tuning forks also act like a magnet. I am able to find patterns and flow within the body’s bio-magnetic field and to use the tuning forks to shift them. The tuning fork acts like a metronome. It gives the body a steady rhythm and the body tunes to it, it uses the sound to return to its factory settings. It helps the body reset and produce coherent waves.

The healthy tone of the tuning fork examines and neutralizes the damaging beliefs, stories and patterns that feed our inner critic. Resolving these imbalances energizes the sacral center, leaving us open to creativity, intimacy and productivity!

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