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Staying Positive During Difficult Times

Often, the greatest burden we bear is the negative thoughts in our head. Getting lost in a swirl of negative “what ifs” can hold us back from living a full life. Shifting your thoughts toward the positive and staying in that space can be very difficult. There are many different approaches to attaining a positive outlook but here are some favorites.

1) Start your day with quiet time. Meditating, even for just a few minutes, can be extremely beneficial in setting your mood for the day. Just as you wake up you can spend a little time visualizing a sunny day ahead. Though it may sound silly, repeating these actions every day can have a huge impact on the way you approach things

2) Work out regularly. Working out has been shown to improve your mental health and mood. It can actually make you feel happier and increase your energy levels to help tackle the day. To achieve the benefits of working out you don’t need to run marathons each day. Stretching, walking, gardening, doing work around the house, anything that gets you moving will produce benefits.

3) Do something that excites your passion. Spending part of the day focusing on an activity that ignites your creativity has been shown to create positivity. There are no rules. Write in your journal, create a scrapbook, work on a floral design, paint, challenge your culinary ambition and use your imagination to create a great meal. It is not necessary to write the great Canadian novel or produce a painting that is worthy of the Louvre. The exercise of creativity, in all forms moves the mind into a positive space.

4) Do something kind for someone. Pay for their coffee, call someone you know can’t get out of the house, share a smile with a stranger, listen to a persons concerns, even help a short person reach the top shelf. Any random act of kindness helps us feel good about ourselves. Research shows that, when we feel like we have done something nice for others, we are more positive and generally happier. It takes very little time, doesn’t need to cost much and has enormous benefit.

5) Focus on Solutions. A sure way to feel more negative about a situation is to sit around and do nothing about it. Instead try and open up your mind to the possibilities of the situation you are in and, if you have trouble to get started with taking action, ask yourself, what is one small step I can take today to get the ball rolling? Then take that small step forward. However small this step is, it can have a big effect in your mood and thoughts. Sorting through small issues can reinforce the thought process for positive solutions and achieving success with minor issues will give yo confidence to tackle larger negatives.

6) Listen to your favorite music. It has been shown that listening to music that you enjoy can boost your mood and help your positivity.

Finally, don’t give up. Turning around a negative thought pattern is hard. The more you challenge your negative mood however, the more likely you will see success. Being mindful, focusing on the moment and practicing finding positivity will ultimately show results.

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